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 Privacy Policy

Updated: December 2012

When you register your daughter to play softball, certain information is collected to process the application. That information is only used for it's intended purpose.

We use certain contact (i.e. mailing address, phone, e-mail, cell, etc) information to reach you in the event that we need to update records, confirm registration, pre-registration, or notify you in an emergency.

We don't sell, lease, show, loan, transfer, or allow third parties to have access to your information for any purpose other than the intended use of BVGASA. In order to participate in recreation play, tournaments, and all-star season, we do provide limited information to some companies to allow them to provide insurance coverage for the players. We also provide information to the ASA to identify and confirm our members as registered ASA players and volunteers.

Information gathered on Managers, Coaches, BVGASA Staff, or other volunteers are used to conduct a background check at the beginning of the recreation season and provided to the proper authorities (Department of Justice (DoJ)) when requested. Background checks are valid for one calendar year and so, must be conducted for each subsequent season.

We may send out an occasional e-mail to the address(es) you provided to inform you about upcoming events that we feel are important to you or your daughter. If you would prefer not to receive these e-mails please send an email to: requesting removal from the list. This option to opt out of these mailings is also offered with each e-mail sent.

We analyze web site visitor information such as browser type, pages visited, documents downloaded, etc... to determine how to make the web site better for you to access the information you want. None of the information specifically identifies you.

It is our policy not to disclose the last names of the children on any of the web pages for their privacy and safety. Pages where names may be listed are: Home Page, Teams, All-Star/Tournament Team selections, captions, archives, pre-registration lists and photos. We will generally list their first name and last initial. Yearbooks contain the full names but they are only produced in hard copy (not on the web pages) and are given to Team Managers and/or Team Mom's to disperse.

If you would prefer that your and or your daughters photo, caption, or name not appear on this web site or in the yearbook please email: with specifics of your request.